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About the Authors

Brad Hinkel

Brad Hinkel is an experimental photographer, software designer and teacher. He combines chemistry & digital technology, silver & ink, film & tin cans to produce images of the common and the unusual.  Brad’s photographic work is designed to challenge the validity of what we think of as real; starting from the false supposition that film images are more real than digital ones, Brad now attempts to challenge the basic assumptions that things that we see are real. Brad uses high quality 4x5 film cameras, pinhole cameras and digital equipment to create images that challenge our perceptions.

Brad has recently completed ‘The Focal Easy Guide to Photoshop CS2’ published by Focal Press;  a book on Easy Color Management and this book on Digital Negatives. You can find more information on Brad, his research, books and the courses that he teaches at www.bradhinkel.com.

Ron Reeder

Ron was trained as a biochemist and had a career conducting research into gene control mechanisms. Since retiring from science Ron has pursued a second career in photography. Ron co-published a book on Spruce Root Baskets for which he did the photography and has been published in national photo magazines. Ron has extensively researched methods for making high quality digital negatives and has printed many of his own images using the techniques included in this book. You can find more on Ron at www.ronreeder.com.