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This website provides some basic instructions for creating digital negatives for silver and alternative process printing; and it supports the content of our book.

If you are curious about digital negatives you can download the instructions for silver or palladium printing from the Sample Chapters pages on the left. These are sample chapters from our book 'Digital Negatives'.

Digital negatives provide an excellent way to print in the traditional wet darkroom and expand options for printing images using alternative processes such as platinum printing.
Your desktop inkjet printer can become an essential tool for your darkroom.

We have developed techniques for digital negatives that are:

  • Easy to do - we have a simple workflow for creating good digital negatives using curves that we provide - and easy instructions for making your own curves.
  • Reproducible - we include instructions for calibrating your monitor so images on the screen appear similar to your final prints.
  • Precise - we introduce using the Quadtone RIP for printing digital negatives to create the finest quality negatives available.



  • Introduction
  • Basics of Digital Negatives
  • Capturing the Optimal Image
  • Making a Silver Print
  • Making a Palladium Print
  • Exposure
  • Correction Curves
  • Calibrating the Monitor
  • About Printers
  • Using the Quadtone RIP
  • Manipulatory Miseries
  • Color and Platinum